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AdSense Alternatives Monetize Your Website Without Approval

AdSense Alternatives Monetize Your Website Without Approval

Adsense alternatives monetize your website without approval: Do you know that there are thousands of free AdSense alternatives are available on the internet which helps you to monetize your website traffic with their Advertisement program. Getting AdSense approval in 2021 is very tough because millions of other websites are competing with you and giving people the best user experience.

I am not saying to you that AdSense is not approving I am saying that the people don’t work properly on their website like they or not writing much content that is mentioned in AdSense monetization policy.

Why do people choose Adsense?

People choose Adsense because they trust it and Adsense is the No 1 advertisement and website monetization program in the world but if your website is rejected by Adsense then first.

Note: I prefer to make your website or blog unique according to Adsense policy and reapply for Adsense and if you try too many times and still facing the same problem then you need to try Adsense alternatives.

What are Adsense alternatives?

Adsense alternatives are Ads network that is like AdSense and pay you by seeing their ads on your website. There are many Adsense alternative websites mostly you know like this website is the best Adsense alternative website but you need approval from to view ads on your website and earn money.

it’s like Adsense isn’t but you don’t need to worry because I am going to tell you AdSense alternative website which can help you to monetize your blog without approval.

What is the a-ads network?

The a-ads network is a free Adsense alternative website that helps you to earn money and monetize your blog without approval in the a-ads network. If you have one post or 2 in your blog you just need to create an ad unit in the ads network and place the code in your blog and that’s it. every visitor that visits your website can help you to generate revenue.

How to use the a-ads network?

You can easily use a-ads network and money on the first day of creating your website you don’t need any hard work on your website just follow the steps that I am going to tell you below and you’re ready to earn money by Adsense alternatives.

  • Create account
  • Sign in a-ads network
  • Click earn
  • Select ads size
  • Give your website URL
  • Solve ReCaptcha
  • Creat ad unit

After the following text, you will find an HTML code place the code on your website layout HTML, and then save the setting after sometimes the ads are appearing on your website.

Payment methods

In the other Adsense alternative website, you will be paid in USD but in this AdSense alternative you can earn bitcoin by placing a-ads network ads on your website and you will be paid only in bitcoin. 

I hope you know about bitcoin? Because bitcoin is an electronic cryptocurrency and in 2021 its value has been increased and now its price is 55,185$ that’s why if you are paid in this currency you will be grateful because bitcoin value is increasing day by day.

Minimum payout

Go to Finance in the a-ads network set your bitcoin address and save it if you don’t have a bitcoin account then you can create one here in Coinbase. 

The minimum payout after setting the address when you reached the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 and in the minimum payout is 0.00015 bitcoin satoshi.


In this article you will find information on Adsense alternatives also I tell you to monetize your website without approval hope you can find good information and like my article if you like this article then make sure to share and subscribe to the bell icon so you can update.

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