Best Free Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2021

Best Free Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2021

Best Free Chrome Extensions For Blogger In 2021: In this article, I am going to tell you about the best domain extensions for blogs because Chrome extensions can help you to improve your website because you can find many extensions for different works like grammar spelling checking, SEO Etc.

If you want to know Best Free Chrome Extensions For Blogger In 2021 then read this article to the end so you can know how to work and easily use chrome extensions to increase your blog traffic and for other help.

Top 5 best chrome extensions for blogger

Do you know that you can increase your website growth DA and PA and also check your website issues spelling mistakes with the help of chrome extensions you can easily check your spelling and use grammatrly Etc on your website?


MozBar is the best and real helpful chrome extension to find website issues with help of Moz bar you can use this extensions tool to understand your website DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) you can also find your spam score and backlinks keywords list so if you are a newbie in blogger so you can use this extension tool for free.


With the help of grammar, you can write  100?% Grammarly correct content tastes very good because if you can use this tool extension on your blog it will help you a lot your all content are in pure English no matter if you speak and write English well or not use this extension.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer is the most helpful tool for bloggers there are millions of bloggers that are using keyword surfer to search keywords for their blog post because this extension will tell you the monthly search with CPC score and trending topic keywords from google.

This tool is very helpful and it’s 100% free you can easily add keyword surfer to your browser like chrome, Firefox Etc and pin it on your browser top bar and you can use this tool for free and it could be also helpful for you to grow your website and rank your article in google.

Word counter plus

This chrome extension will help you to calculate the words that you write on your blog post because many bloggers don’t know how many words they write in their article therefore you can use a word counter plus after adding this extension select all text that you write on your article then click on the right mouse button and then select word counter plus and the result will appear that’s it.

Google Translate

Everybody knows that google translate is the language translator website you can convert any language that people speaks in this world to the language you want you can get much help after adding google translate extension to your browser because many people can speak English well therefore it they are researching on internet then they can convert any website to their easy speaking language and that could help them to understand fast.


If you add the Best Free Chrome Extensions For Blogger In 2021 on your chrome browser then it could be very helpful for you so my opinion is to use these extensions so you can understand your article well and remove your mistakes with the help of google translater.

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