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Compress Image Size Online Image Compressor

Compress Image Size Online Image Compressor

Compress image size online image compressor: Do you know that if your website publishing post image size is bigger then it can also make your website slower and that is not good for your website health so in this article I am going to tell you how you can Compress image size online image compressor. read the article to the end so you can get all the information related to the image compressor.

Why image compressors are important for SEO?

You can easily compress your high KB image size online with the help of toolur. many people don’t know about what is toolur but don’t worry I will tell you but first, you need to understand that why compressing your image is important. 

There are many bloggers which are posting images on their blog because with the help of picture user can better understand what is are you really telling about that’s why they just edit image and publish but you need to understand that publishing images like this can make your website slower and your website health and user experience are not good in this position you just only need to optimize images.

What is Toolur?

Toolur is an image compressor website you can also find many other tools but mostly this website use on reducing the size of images. there are many tools on the internet that can really help you to reduce your image size but you need to understand that some tools are not giving you the right result of the image.

That’s why I am going to tell you about toolur which is a very good image compressor tool website because it depends on you how much size that you want to reduce from the image. the great thing about toolur is if you reduce 80% of image size then it will give you the same result and then you can download 100% real quality images.

How to compress Image size online?

you can easily compress your image by following the steps that are I am going to mention below.
  • open Toolur
  • click (upload image)
  • set (image quality)
  • click compress image
  • Now Download image
That’s it you are done that’s the simple and easy steps you reduce your image size after doing these steps now you can publish your image to blog post and your blog speed did not slow again. do this simple step on all your single images.


In this article, I hope you can know the full details about image compressor and also understand and know that how to use Compress image size online image compressor with the help of toolur you can compress image also use this tool its 100% fee if you like article tell us in a comment. Thanks

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