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Free Backlinks How To Create Free Backlinks For Your Website

Free Backlinks How To Create Free Backlinks For Your Website

Free Backlinks How To Create Free Backlinks For Your Website: Do you know that without powerful backlinks you can’t grow your website and your website DA and PA don’t increase that’s why in this article I am going to tell you Free Backlinks How To Create Free Backlinks For Your Website and also I am going to tell you some free high DA website where you can easily make backlinks but first you need to know some basic about backlinks

What is backlink in SEO?

There are many articles on the internet is already available where you can find details about what is a backlink? in Seo and how we can create free backlinks but I am going to tell you in my way about backlink is a link that you can create on other websites and if the user that is visiting the other website where you create your link 100% chance then they will check your website this is a backlink that is why powerful backlink is the base of a website. 

What are the DA and PA of a website?

According to MOZ: DA means ( Domain Authority) and PA means ( Page Authority) remember that DA and PA concept is created by MOZ and if your website domain authority is good and page authority then your website will rank in google and if someone searches the content that is available in your website google will suggest your website it will also help you in your website SEO if you have powerful backlink then your website rank in google fast.

Remember that there are many services are available on the internet that will create powerful backlinks for your website but if you make backlinks on a high DA website like 70 or 80 then you need to pay a high amount to get such backlinks if you can afford then you can find services in fiver but if you don’t afford then don’t worry the method I am going to tell you is 100% free.

How to create a Hyperlink for backlinks?

Many people don’t know that what is a hyperlink? in short words hyperlink is a link that can help you to make backlinks on another website first we need to create hyperlinks let me show you how we create them.

Copy This text mentioned Below:

Appreciate other for there work<a href=””>your article title</a>

The text that I mentioned above is hyperlink because we are creating a free backlink in the high DA website comment section and that is totally free therefore we need this text to create a powerful backlink.

First of all, write 2 or 3 lines and appreciate other websites for their work then where you see replace them with your article link, and then your article title replaces them with the title of the backlink article post.

After doing the all steps mentioned above now find free backlinks commenting website and paste your hyperlink in the website comment section and make powerful backlinks. now many people have questioned on their mind that where they found such websites for backlinks. don’t worry I am going to tell you where you can find such websites with the help of ubersuggest.


Ubersuggest is an online tool website founded by Neil Patel. in this tool you can find many helpful articles and tools which can tell you your competitor referring domain backlinks analyze your website speed, on-page SEO, Page SEO, and more you can use this website to find the free backlink website.

How to use: Copy your competitor website URL and then paste it on ubersuggest and analyze now wait some seconds the report is ready now on the left side menu click backlinks and then you can see where your competitor getting traffic and backlinks just do the same open websites and make free backlinks for your website.

NOTE: Don’t make backlinks on that site which spam score is high if you find a spam score higher than 5% please avoid that website because if you make a backlink on such a website it can also affect your website SEO and performance.

MOZ chrome extension

you can use Moz chrome extension to know bout DA and PA and also about spam scores you can use this extension for your website to help add this extension create an account and you are free to use this online Moz chrome extension.


Powerful backlinks are the base of a website so make backlinks so your website will grow fast in google hope you can understand all the information that tells you about Free Backlinks How To Create Free Backlinks For Your Website I also tell you about how to create hyperlinks and free backlinks websites if you find this article helpful then make sure to share this article.

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