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How To Get AdSense Approval Fast Tips And Tricks

How To Get AdSense Approval Fast Tips And Tricks

How To Get AdSense Approval Fast Tips And Tricks: Do you know that you can get AdSense approval for your website fast in 2021 Yes I am not kidding that’s true because many people are thinking that AdSense approval is very tough that’s true but if you are following AdSense policy then you can get approval in some hours, not days and week so in that why I am going to tell you how you can get AdSense approval fast tips and tricks that really help you.

What is Monetization AdSense policy?

In 2021 there is much change in AdSense policy I am going to tell you one of them is that Adsense needs that people and websites which have unique content like something new and helpful content which are helpful for other users if you want to read fully about AdSense click Adsense Monetization Policy For Website.

Adsense Tips and tricks

On youtube, you can many videos which really help you to get AdSense approval fast in 2021 but I am going to tell you some main and effective tips and tricks that are really helpful for your website after applying these tips 100% guaranteed that you can get Adsense approval.


Tip no 1 do not use a free domain if you are a blogger then if you have some budget then purchase a domain from Namecheap because if you use a free domain then you need to wait at least 3 months. if you are using WordPress then purchase good hosting from hostinger.

Blogger Template

Also, use good looking responsible and mobile-friendly template for your blogger use fast loading template and ads-ready this can increase your Adsense Approval chance you can also use a free blogger template and if you have a budget then you can purchase a free template.

Menu and Pages

Adsense also tell you in their policy that they approve such website which is good looking and customized perfectly so you need to add menu tabs correctly and also add some pages which are really important to get AdSense approval without these pages you cant get Adsense approval.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Disclaimer
Before creating these all pages now your website is ready to according to the AdSense monetization policy now you only need to make content for your blog.


Content is the king Adsense wants unique content creators if your content is unique then 100% you can get AdSense approval so you need to write at least 30 articles you can write 7 articles 1000+ words and other you can write 500+ Adsense wants 300 words on per article but if you write 1000+ words article then it can increase your chance and help you to get AdSense approval fast.

By following the steps that I, mentioned above your website blog is 100% ready now you can apply for Adsense after indexing some posts on Google search Console also submit a sitemap so your post gets index fast on google.


In this article, you will know the proper detail on How To Get AdSense Approval Fast Tips And Tricks apply these tricks on your website and you will definitely get Adsense approval after indexing posts apply for Adsense and you got AdSense approval if you have any questions then comments us we are happy to help you.

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