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How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Pro Tips

How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Pro Tips

How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Pro Tips: Evey one knows that content is the king so therefore in this article I am going to explain that How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Pro Tips and tricks that really help you to write content that Google wants from you so if you want to write SEO friendly content then read the article to end.

Find keyword for your blog post Topic

The keyword is the main thing if you don’t know what topic that you really need to write then search on google or youtube you can find millions of topics and keywords ideas for your blog select any topic and also select 2 or 3 your focus keywords.

Creat Title for your blog

In this section the keyword you noticed make one title from your keywords how to make SEO friendly title? it is very easy to add some focus keywords related to your post and combine them and your article title is ready.

Add basic information intro

At the start of your intro add your focus keyword you can also add your title in first-line and then tell some basic things about your post so people can easily understand what you want to tell them to add some informative add Cathy line if someone read then they want to read you all post.

Write a powerful body text in the blog

In this section tell the people about your post and share all details that you want to share with them the more detail you tell and the long article you write more chances that your article will rank Remember that in 1 paragraph use 4 or 5 lines and then press enter and write another paragraph.

Add Pictures

Adding pictures is a very important step because if you search anything on google then you see in the images tab pictures are ranking but the article is not that’s why if you add any picture and they ranked on google then 100% chance your article will rank to and you get massive organic traffic from google.

Add Coculuison in last

Adding conclusion or opinion in last of your article is very helpful for your users because after reading all the article visitors wants to see what’s your opinion about this that’s it very important also write informative opinion if this product is good for them or not tell them clearly visitor will be very happy you can also tell them to share your article.

Add Labels

Labels are very important to grow your website and rank your article so add labels related to your article topic keywords also add 2 or 3 labels it is very important for your SEO-friendly article.

Add Permalink

Permalink is your post article link if you are using blogger then you know about permalink will cath your title and create permalink automatically but you need to add some permalink add your focus keywords in the permalink.

In the description of an article add a focus keyword and tell about your post write some information so when people can see your description they will click on your title and read your all post.

NOTE: Do you know that building website is very easy but creating content for your website is very difficult in that’s cause some bloggers don’t know and they copied paste content from other websites and place it on their website and complete the AdSense requirement.

After that, they rejected because they copied paste content from other sources, and the all-time that they spend on a website is wasted so don’t waste your time, and when you begin your blogging journey start with unique content?


In this article, you can find all the details on SEO and also know about How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Pro Tips and tricks which can grow your blog fast and help you to become a successful blogger if you like our article then share with others.

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