PUBG New State Release Date And Requirements Revealed

PUBG New State Release Date and Requirements Revealed

PUBG New State Release Date And Requirements Revealed: Everyone in this world especially gamers played PUBG (player unknown battleground) there are also many others millions of games available in the play store and app store and they are played by millions of people but in 2021 PUBG is trending on all our world.

PUBG moves forward and creates a new game called PUBG new state and millions of people are really excited to know the release date of pubg and system requirements but before we go forward you need to know some basic info about pubg new state.

PUBG: New State system requirements Android in 2021

The people are saying that pubg state is a very powerful graphic game because you can see video trailers on PUBG mobile official youtube channel so I am going today that if you want to play pubg new state on your mobile then you can play on any mobile if they fill the following requirement mention below.

if you have a smartphone that has 2 GB Ram and the android operating system requirement is 6.0 if you have phones which have more rams like 4 GB, 6GB, and 8GB then your game will not lag and you can play pubg new state smoother but you can still play pubg new state in low quality mobile phones.

NOTE: PUBG New State is a free game pub mobile official announced that they will release PUBG new state in 11.11.2021 next month and its 100% free to download and if you got pre-registration then you have been awarded by skins and find many other features so follow PUBG new state official Twitter account to updated by important announcements.

PUBG: New State system requirements IOS 2021

On iPhones, you can play pubg very smoothly and also you can play gyroscope without any delay but in 2021 the new game launch pubg new state the I phone users are still worried about the requirement of pubg new state on IOS I phone.

If you have I phone 6 or later IOS 13.0 then you can play pubg mobile well smoothie but if you have the latest phones like iPhone 12 pro max then you are a gamer and play games without lag and enjoy a well customized graphic game like pubg new state.

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