WhatsApp New Features In View Of The Growing Business Activity

WhatsApp New Features In View Of The Growing Business Activity

WhatsApp New Features In View Of The Growing Business Activity: Whats app is the most useable social media platform in the world there are also many other social platforms on the internet that are competing with each other but still WhatsApp is in the no 1 because their fast service secures privacy policy the users that are using WhatsApp re know that there is also another version of WhatsApp is called WhatsApp business.

Whatsapp business can help you get connected to other people if you are running a business and that’s called WhatsApp marketing in a few times WhatsApp is adding new and new features there which can be helpful to others.

Whatsapp New Features News

According to the international news agency report: Whatsapp introduces new features for their users in the WhatsApp business the people that are using beta users can see but in some days this feature will be officially announced all over the world.

SAN FRANCISCO: The good news for consumers promoting their business through the social networking application WhatsApp is that a new feature is being introduced in this regard.

In the WhatsApp business new features now people can rate on the products and goods that they buy from users buyers will have a right to give rate accord to the other satisfied condition from the product they buy users can give a rating from 1 to 5 and that feature is very helpful for other users.

NOTE: This new feature of WhatsApp is also available on the beta version and sometimes or you can say in some days this feature will available on I0S soon.

The rating feature is also available worldwide in different website e-commerce stores but not available on WhatsApp feature will help buyers a lot because if someone purchases any product that is really awesome then they give them 5 stars and when other people see the rating they will 100% purchase their product.

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