88% of marketing and event professionals are using AI

 Kaltura, a prominent video experience cloud company, has recently unveiled its latest report titled ‘Riding the Wave: 2024 Survey Report on the Use of AI Technologies in Marketing Teams.’ This comprehensive report is the outcome of a global survey involving numerous marketing professionals, offering valuable insights into the impact of AI on the marketing and events industry and how it is reshaping marketing operations.

Kaltura’s Latest Report Unveils the Resounding Impact of AI in Marketing Teams

The survey reveals a significant adoption of AI tools within the marketing landscape, with a striking 88% of respondents either having already incorporated or experimented with AI. The remaining 12% are gearing up to explore AI in the near future. Notably, 69% of participants reported utilizing at least one paid AI service, and 39% have multiple subscriptions. Regardless of the extent of adoption, the survey highlights that marketing teams attribute the most significant influence of AI in asset creation and personalization, with content personalization (47%) and content production and creation (44%) emerging as the leading areas.

GenAI Revolution: Kaltura’s Survey Highlights Surging Adoption of AI in Marketing

AI’s impact on lead generation has also been substantial, as 25% of marketers frequently using AI tools reported a positive impact on lead generation. Although only 7% of respondents could definitively attribute leads to AI, an additional 41% observed a noticeable increase in lead generation attributable to AI.

Lisa Bennett, EVP Marketing of Kaltura, expressed enthusiasm about the rapid integration of AI, stating, “We are not even a year into the GenAI revolution, and already 84% of marketing teams are seeing value and are using AI to hyper-personalize their marketing materials and activities in ways that marketers could only have dreamt of merely a few years ago.”

Navigating the AI Wave: Kaltura’s Survey Spotlights Transformative Trends in Marketing”

Despite the overall positive trend, the perceived value of AI shows variance among respondents. While 71% view AI tools as “somewhat” valuable, 17% see little to no value, and 13% consider it greatly valuable. Interestingly, among marketers frequently using AI tools, 33% find AI to be greatly impactful. Concerns linger, especially regarding data security and privacy (50%) and integration difficulties with existing systems (49%).

Looking ahead, Kaltura plans to integrate generative AI capabilities across its product range to enhance content creation, search and discovery, interactivity, and analytics reporting. This strategic move aims to streamline event creation, boost attendance, optimize content discovery, enhance the end-user experience, and increase overall engagement.

Report Methodology: The survey, conducted in August-September 2023, involved marketing and event professionals, including Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Vice Presidents of Marketing (VP Marketing), and Directors of Marketing. The responses were gathered from 500 dedicated full-time employees in companies with over 1,000 employees based in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy.

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