How to Get AdSense Approval for Long-Term Success 2023

Google AdSense stands out as a fantastic way to earn money from your website or blog. In fact, it’s around 90% better than most other CPC advertising programs. The beauty of AdSense is that it offers the best Click-Through Rate (CTR) for every page on your website. which means you can make a good money every day.

Many new website owners dream of using AdSense to monetize their sites, but here’s the catch AdSense has some strict rules and requirements. It might seem tough to get approval from them for your blog. However, remember, achieving the seemingly impossible is entirely doable.

1. Write High-Quality Content

You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King,” and it’s true. A high-quality blog is all about having excellent content. Great content is unique and well-organized, clear, and to the point. Some people might suggest that you can get away with copy-pasting short 100-200 word articles, but I can assure you that won’t get you far with AdSense. How can you cover a topic adequately in just 100-200 words? It’s not really possible. Plus, AdSense won’t approve blogs with copied or copyrighted content. To be successful, your blog posts should be over 500-600 words and 100% unique. So always strive to write in-depth. original content that clearly explains your topic.

2. Inappropriate Content

Google AdSense has specific content guidelines. Your website or YouTube channel must steer clear of adult content, hate speech, violence, or any such harmful activities. Make sure your content is free from these topics before applying for AdSense.

3. Click Fraud

AdSense strictly prohibits invalid click activity. This means you can’t artificially generate clicks, ask others to click on your ads, or use bots to boost click numbers.

4. Quality Content and Website Design

To earn Google AdSense approval, your website should offer high-quality, original content that adds value to your audience. Avoid low-quality or plagiarized content. Additionally, your site needs to provide a great user experience, so make sure it’s well-designed and easy to navigate. Websites with poor design and navigation won’t meet AdSense’s approval criteria.

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