Top 10 Pakistani Online Learning Platforms to Follow 2023

 To make things simpler and clearer, here’s a summary of the main points from the text.

Changing Perspectives and Funding

  • Students’ perspectives should change in these difficult times.
  • Local governments and NGOs should allocate funds.
  • They should establish a Directorate of Online Learning Platforms in different institutions.
  • These platforms can offer short certificates, diplomas, and associate degree programs online.

Online Learning Initiatives

Online instructional resources are available on platforms like Udemy, EdX, Skillshare, Coursera, and YouTube.

  • Universities have subscribed to these resources.
  • Faculty and researchers should create video lectures to guide learners.
  • Courseware can be developed to organize online courses in one place.

Real-Time Virtual Meetings

  • Online lectures should be accompanied by live virtual meetings.
  • Platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are used.
  • These platforms allow interaction with teachers and recording for absent students.

Learning Support

  • Many countries offer support for students’ degree programs and online courses.
  • Various relief packages and support funds are available.

Self-Paced Courses

  • Online courses should be self-paced, allowing students to reset deadlines in emergencies.

Teacher’s Role

  • Teachers should prepare to support students through online learning.
  • They should adapt to online teaching and act as facilitators.

List of Pakistani Online Learning Platforms

– MDi Pakistan Online Training

– Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences


– Virtual Academy

– Digi Skills

– Extreme Commerce Boot Camp

– Crypto School

– COMSATS Courseware

– Virtual University of Pakistan

– Noon Academy

Benefits of Online Learning

– Access to a wider audience

– Cost-effectiveness

– Ease of connectivity

– Tailored to business needs

Basics of Transformation in Online Education

– Interactive training

– Coordinated automation

– Multilingual resources

– Remote access to resources

– 24-hour IT support

In summary, the text discusses the importance of online learning during challenging times, the role of governments and institutions, available resources, and the advantages of online education. It also provides a list of Pakistani online learning platforms and discusses the transformation of education to adapt to online learning.

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