Revitalizing User Love: Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 Outlook App for iPhone Users

Microsoft has undertaken a significant overhaul of the Outlook desktop email app on Windows 11, introducing enhanced functionality, notably the integration of Apple iCloud support. This update caters to users of iPhones and other Apple devices, expanding the application’s versatility. To seamlessly incorporate your iCloud account into the Outlook app, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the cog icon within your Outlook menu to access Email accounts settings, where you can view and manage all connected accounts.
  2. Choose “Add account” and log in to your Apple iCloud account to establish the connection.

Microsoft Elevates Outlook Experience with Seamless Integration of Apple iCloud

While the previous version of Outlook supported Apple’s email service, Microsoft is in the process of replacing it with a new app. Initial user feedback has been mixed, prompting Microsoft to continually enhance the app by introducing new features with each iteration.

A common gripe among users pertains to the new app launching in a web wrapper, unlike its predecessor, which was a fully functional UWP app with online and offline support. Although offline support was recently incorporated, user dissatisfaction persists, motivating Microsoft to further refine the app for an enhanced user experience.

This update follows Microsoft’s recent integration of Gmail, Google Calendar, and contacts compatibility into Outlook, showcasing its commitment to providing a comprehensive email management experience. iCloud support is now universally available to Windows 11 users, with ongoing efforts to extend offline support to additional aspects of the Outlook app, such as events and Calendar.

A notable upcoming feature in Microsoft’s revamped Outlook is the ability to RSVP to meetings, as indicated in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. Expected to debut in March 2024, this feature will empower users to make informed decisions about attending specific meetings by providing detailed information about their nature.

Additionally, the latest version of Outlook introduces a feature to better manage declined meetings in the calendar. Users can enable this by following these steps:

  1. Open the Outlook app.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Calendar > Events & Invitations > Save declined events.
  3. Check the “Show declined events in your calendar” box.

This feature, disabled by default, aids users with busy schedules in comprehending their meeting commitments better.

While these updates represent significant strides in enhancing Outlook’s capabilities, Microsoft acknowledges that winning over Windows users may require additional efforts. All Windows 11 users with a valid copy of Outlook can access these features, and updating the Outlook app may be necessary to unlock these functionalities. It remains unconfirmed whether these improvements extend to free users utilizing Outlook online.

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